• May 16, 2022

The Supplement Controversy

So maybe you take high quality omega 3s, multi-vitamins, and multi-minerals to eliminate the deficiency caused by modern foods. You might take calcium, ZMA, antioxidants, probiotics, and so on and on, but regardless, most of these are meant to supplement the diet and lifestyle.

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Some people argue that you should only use whole foods to attain all your macro/micro nutrients, and that taking supplements like the above is unnatural Private label Cordyceps. The problem with that argument is that our soil (which our foods grow from) no longer contain the same nutrient quality, and our food is more processed; there are more chemicals; there are less antioxidants; and our lifestyles are more toxic.

On top of all that, these supplements are used to fill a deficiency, and any deficiency to the body means it is functioning less optimally. Would you rather take a supplement and not have deficiencies or continue to stick to the dogma of natural vs. unnatural while living with a deficiency?

If you chose the latter, all the more power to you. I’d rather fill the gaps with supplements then live on the edge with a deficiency. And that leads me to the point of the post, which is the more controversial supplements like steroids, pro-steroids, fat, burners, etc…

If someone has the knowledge of the consequences and protocols on each and every supplement, and still chooses to take it, then that is their choice. You don’t make that decision for them, and you really shouldn’t criticize them for it either. Yes it’s vanity driven. Yes they might be “cheating”, and yes they are most likely damaging their health (adrenals specifically) to achieve the body of their dreams, but the key point in all of this is that it is their body.

Many people’s lives are driven by how their body looks, or how they perceive their body image. And if you’re not comfortable with your body, that’s going to kill your confidence, make you sad, and really have a negative domino effect in your life. Not to say this can’t be accomplished with “natural” methods like exercise.

But what if taking one supplement changes all of that? Who has the right to say it’s wrong? See all anyone takes into consideration when someone decides to take a controversial supplement is the cases in which the consumer took the wrong dosage, took multiple non-combinable supplements, or didn’t pay attention to who the supplement was for.But no-one takes into consideration the thousands and thousands who got great results, and the fewer whose lives were actually drastically improved by improving their body image.

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