• August 12, 2022

Top Reasons To Have A Security Guard At Your Party

With the warmer weather comes many things: lazy beach outings, longer daylight hours, and splashy summer soirees. Now, fun in the sun in one thing, but cut to nighttime and more often than not, the alcohol is flowing as loosely as the suntan lotion hire bodyguard UK. This is all well and good if you can handle your liquor or a fellow party-goer, though if you are the party host, you may want to consider calling in some brawny backup before opening the doors and letting the good times roll. A professional security guard, or team of guards, can help out immensely when it comes time to throw the ultimate fiesta:

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Alcohol: Pure and simple, your guests will be drinking, the security guards will not. This will prove to be a key factor in clear-headed thinking, sound judgment and the overall safety of you and your guests.Prevent Fights Before they Escalate: A trained security guard knows when and how to swiftly step in and debunk a potential conflict before it gets out of control. If an inebriated party guest tries this, it may make the problem that much worse.

Protect Valuables: Having some major muscle will do wonders to prevent theft from occurring at your party. Knowing that there is a watchful eye looming above all the activity will act as good a deterrent as any. No one wants to mess with a towering bodyguard who has just seen everything from a clear-headed vantage point.

Man the Door: Your hired help can work wonders in keeping the wrong people OUT, and welcoming the right crowd IN. If necessary, you can provide them with a list of people who either ARE or ARE NOT allowed in, which is a huge burden off your back for the night. They are also a great source for recognizing when an eager party goer has had too much to drink and should remain outside, either for the time being or the night.


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