• July 3, 2022

Make Money Publishing

If we were to give a general definition to the term publishing the most accurate would be “delivering information to the public”. The “how to” remains at your latitude.

As a “webtrepreneur”, you need to employ different publishing channels to deliver your message to your potential clients. You’ll probably choose article directories, press release distribution outlets, blogs and forums, discussion groups and so on. You use the above-mentioned channels to “publish” news and information about your business, products and services; therefore to “distribute”, “broadcast” or “make public” your message.

When you use PPC tools, what you do is called “publishing” as well. And why not? PPC is just a tool, after all: a publishing tool google scraping . But to publish on a PPC publisher network is not so easy. It takes a skilled ads publisher to make the best out of a pay per click campaign.

Both Yahoo! and Google have such publisher networks and you could use any of them (but not both) to earn revenue from your website. To decide which one to use, the best is to take a look at your Web stats and see which search engine brings the most traffic to your website. Is it Yahoo!? Then make a publisher account with Yahoo!. Is it Google? Then you know what to choose.

Such an account works best if you have nothing to sell (no particular product or service) but you blog about a topic of interest and you manage to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog. In addition to the Google and Yahoo! ads you could generate more revenue by using on your blog other paid publishing tools: sponsored entries by PayPerPost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise or Review Me (etc.), sponsored ads by InBlogAds and BlogKits, sponsored contextual links by V7 Network, Text Links Ads and much more.

A good blog is an incredible tool. It may become quite effective for related affiliate programs as well. For example if you have an SEO related blog you could join different SEO related affiliate programs and sell SEO software and books (having an Amazon affiliates account proved quite beneficial for many, but it seems to work less nowadays). Additionally there are other publisher networks that work and bring good revenue: eBay, MPAM Ezy Ads, Starbucks and many more.

Back to Yahoo! and Google’s publisher networks: they are the easiest to implement and use, but they are also (as a matter of fact Google’s AdSense) the easiest to “misuse”. Way too many people use scraper techniques to “make money with AdSense” and deliver no quality content on their sites. They manage to have high traffic on their “made for AdSense” sites and you hear often almost incredible stories about fabulous incomes made by using a simple publisher network. The truth is… well, making money with AdSense is not that simple. You need to work a lot, to research and build up a “resource” website. To achieve this goal you need often to employ freelance writers (AdSense sites need lots of niche focused content) able to “write for the web” and this will make your job even more difficult as you’ll need to verify the originality and accuracy of the work they deliver.

CaRP and Grouper Evolution (V4) are here after a great revolution. Now, you can easily use this software for your comfort. You do not have to run after expensive and complicated software in order to make your tasks simple. Here, you just have to install and be the game! What else do you need when you are getting everything in one go?

So, what do you understand by the term CaRP? It is true that for new users this is something alien, but if you read this in simpler form, then this is too easy to understand and apply. In simpler words, “Carp is a converter”.

Why and how CaRP is a convertor and what does it convert? CaRP converts “RSS to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).” In other words, CaRP is a refined script that makes every data a “search engine friendly” by importing into your webpages! So, how does this work? It is too simple and now let us see how does CaRP work.

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