• July 3, 2022

Give Your Spare Room Versatility

If that spare room in your home has been sitting vacant, waiting for you to finally decide what you’re going to do with it – there’s good news. Although you’ll need to make some changes – you don’t have to totally make up your mind when it comes to the sole function for the room  마곡노래방. For many, they’ll throw a bed and an old dresser in the room, add some random accent pieces they have laying around and call it a guest room. Although this will certainly work to fill up the space, are you really getting the most out of your room? Probably not. By taking a more creative approach with how you decorate and furnish the room, you’ll be creating a versatile space that can continue to grow with your family.

If you do have the need for a space that allows guests to sleep overnight, you can do this in a creative and functional way. Instead of spending a lot of money on a bed, mattress, and box spring – opt for something that you can use multiple ways. A futon (couch that can be transformed quickly and easily into a bed) will allow you to use the space for more than just sleeping. A futon will be a much cheaper investment and definitely won’t take up as much space in the room. There’s nothing worse than trying to cram a twin size bed into a room that clearly cannot accommodate it. By making small adjustments like this – you’ll be able to use the room to its full potential.

In order to make the guest room truly functional, adding a television to the room is a great idea. If you do have guests staying over – they’ll be able to enjoy watching their favorite television programs from the comfort of their guest suite. Even if the “guest” element of your room is strictly a “what if” situation – you’ll still be able to use the room as a small entertainment center. Having this spare “media room” makes a great place for kids to quietly watch a movie with friends or get away if a sibling is watching something in the living room that they don’t care for. Having an extra television room can cut down on any disagreements kids and even adults may have over “what to watch”. By having the futon instead of the bed, you’ll have comfortable seating for television viewing, as well.

Aside from this, don’t let the guest room turn into the “catch all” for all of the random decorative objects you may have lying around. Homeowners tend to subconsciously designate one room to store all of their unwanted items, and making it your guest room/spare room is never a good idea. The more you let accumulate – the more work you’ll have cut out for you when it does come time to clean. As you come across things you may not use, don’t set them on top of the dresser in the guest room, get rid of them by tossing them in the trash or giving them away. By working as you go, you won’t have to worry about your spare room’s décor turning into something completely undesirable and even outdated.

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