• July 1, 2022

Invest In Gold Before The Zombie Apocalypse

You’ve got your bunker, food, weapons and tin foil hats all set for yourself and your family but are you truly ready to fight for your survival after the upcoming zombie apocalypse? You forgot to invest in gold and other precious metals to secure your savings! How in the world are you going to purchase more tin foil and ammo for your high powered rifle when society breaks down? Will you turn to looting like a common peasant?

While this thought is a little tongue in cheek, there are more 7.62×39 hunting ammo level headed investors looking to invest in gold or secure their IRA or other savings with gold than every before. As we all watch the TV and balance reality from fantasy as politicians and the news media tell us the state of the world economy, there are enough respected sources that are beginning to admit that things don’t add up. What is truly going on is a topic of highly spirited conversations, to say the least.

While none of us wants to be branded a doomsday Sayer or a fanatic, as the months pass there are many investors who are holding their breath. As countries and banks battle over the world’s gold supply, you have to wonder what will happen. What is going on? Is there cause for concern? Other countries are buying gold at breakneck speed and the precious metals market jumps when the market opens. The temptation to admit that something is afoot is silently thought by many yet these words go unspoken for fear of being the cause for mass hysteria.

So, how do you hedge your bet and invest at least a portion of your portfolio in precious metals or gold without having your friends and family talking about having you fitted for a tin foil hat? It’s simple. Skip having that bunker built. Avoid allowing your internet history to be filled with doomsday websites and explain to all of them the logic behind investing in gold.

If you have an IRA, the process of having your retirement backed by gold and other precious metals is as simple as rolling your IRA over into a Gold IRA. The only difference is that instead of a normal rollover, your new IRA is backed by gold. Even if you know nothing about buying gold or what kind of metals such as gold, platinum, silver and palladium you should use for your account, there are people that can make recommendations for you. There are specialist who deal with specifically Gold IRA rollovers.

Second, any time that the stock market is highly volatile or unpredictable, smart investors start looking at investing in gold. It is a commonly known and historical pattern that when investors begin to lose faith in stocks and bonds they turn to precious metals, gold in particular. There is nothing really strange about investing in gold. You are simply following sage old advice that savvy investors have known for a long time.

Lastly, how much sense does it make to back your money with something tangible and highly liquid, like gold? The US currency was formerly backed by gold and there are many who say that any currency that isn’t backed by gold will eventually fail. While you may wish all you want that the US dollar would go back to being backed by gold, those days are long gone. In lieu of wishing you could go back in time, backing your own money or a portion of your savings with gold is a logical move in the right direction.

If your friends and family still don’t believe you and they start asking you about your prediction of the upcoming zombie apocalypse, embrace your inner freak and have some fun in the process. Fashion your own tin foil hat, lay our similar hats for each member of the family including the family dog or cat and begin the apocalypse drills for Saturday mornings at 3 AM. If your family doesn’t appreciate being woken up at 3 in the morning, remind them that although you doubt that zombie will walk the earth in mass, you are prepared for any economic crisis no matter how big or small it might be.

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