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War Story Of The Canadian Army Medical Corps


His work calls to mind those of a fellow Englishman of roughly a century earlier, William Hogarth, who satirized the London scene in painting and engraving, and also the work of the French artist Daumier. His novels such as Oliver Twist, Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, and Hard Times reflect his observations of society. Yet many of his novels as exemplified by Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, and Nicholas Nickleby deal with the young and have a happy ending—perhaps to encourage readers, but also perhaps as a wish-fulfillment to make unbearable suffering endurable, offering hope. Could Ruskin have read the Carol with the same perspective that produced this economic analysis, he might have become the first of its economic revisionist readers. Instead the story’s actualization of the principles of affluence offended his Calvinist religious principles and he criticized it for its lack of spiritual truth.

Abd al-Latif al-Baghdādi, i.e., Muwaffak al-DīnAbd al-Latif al-Baghdādi. The Shaikh and illustrious Imām Muwaffak al-Dīn Abū Muhammad Abd al-Latīf ibn Yūsuf ibn Muhammad ibn Alī ibn Abī Sad, known as Ibn al-Labbād . His family hailed from Mosul, but he himself was born in Baghdād. He became renowned for his knowledge of various sciences and his scholarship. He had a pleasant diction and wrote copiously, his special field being Arabic grammar and lexicology. While in Damascus, he devoted much of his time to the medical art and became renowned for his mastery of its theory.

I am able to satisfy, though, a craving which has been damned back for decades and has accumulated, in the process and over time, a powerful sense of urgency. I have also been inspired in my writing by the work of many others, too many to name here. This renewed, rather than unflagging, curiosity, like some divine wind which Sind CBD Produkte auch für mein Haustier geeignet? blows my ship, shows no sign of becoming becalmed. It generates higher faculties, higher flights, goals to make something of my life, to leave a mark, to provide some useful knowledge to add to humanity’s common stock. Time will tell, of course, just how useful that knowledge becomes to the Bahai community in the future.

Yahyā ibn Ishaq, was a clever and learned physician, an expert in therapeutics, and a surgeon. He lived at the beginning of the reign of `Abd al-Rahmān al-Nāsir Li-Dīn Allāh, who appointed him vizier after he had held the post of governor in various provinces and districts. He stood in high favor with al-Nāsir, who made him his confidant and permitted him to attend his wives and concubines. He wrote a medical work consisting of five books, based on the method of the Byzantines. He departed, disguised as a sufi, accompanied by me, his brother and two servants.

“Indeed,” he wrote, “we are seeing evidence of problems with the prior Commission’s approach in the matters you cited, which the current Commission is now compelled to investigate.” In my opinion, SPEs are so important to companies worldwide that the SEC, the FASB, the IASB, and virtually all other standard setters dare not go to battle with industry over SPEs or substitutes, by whatever names, that allow certain types of debt to stay off the balance sheets. If the SEC investigation finds Andersen’s auditors to be noble and independent victims, like the investing public and Enron’s employees, of the dastardly greed of Enron’s pirates , then Captain Pitt will be true to his word and remain adored as a peach of a Captain by public accounting firms. He might bestow upon them more than they’d hoped for when he took command of the USS SEC. But his commission will be short lived.

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Moreover, in the aggregate these little businesses furnish the indispensable local basis for those nationwide markets which alone can ensure the success of our mass production industries. Today our smaller corporations are fighting not only for their own local well-being but for that fairly distributed national prosperity which makes large-scale enterprise possible. It seems only equitable, therefore, to adjust our tax system in accordance with economic capacity, advantage and fact. The smaller corporations should not carry burdens beyond their powers; the vast concentrations of capital should be ready to carry burdens commensurate with their powers and their advantages. The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.

Instead, Statement 140 prescribes, as explained in paragraph 218, what the effect of the arrangement must be? For example, a contractual provision that a repurchase agreement is immediately terminated should the value of the collateral become insufficient to fund substantially all of the cost of purchasing replacement assets would satisfy the requirement in paragraph 49. Paragraph 35 limits a qualifying SPEs ability to sell noncash financial assets held by it to situations where there is, or is expected to be, a decline by a specified degree below the fair value of those assets when the SPE obtained them. Derivative instruments designed to effectively realize gains would be inconsistent with this provision.

So when I create cocktails, sometimes they have elements of skill to them, but I mainly want them to be fun and tasty, even if they are not always exclusive and refined. I used this song in an ONT on the backup site in the spring, but I like the song, and one of the privileges of cobloggering is that we get to plague you with our sometimes horrible taste in music. They do eventually concede that there might be concerns with China’s new privacy law, which places no restrictions whatsoever on the government while hampering private business.

Of The Time These Errors Can Be Solved By Logging Into The Portal, Getting A New Badge Code, Putting The New Code On Your Site

Sterne, it is true, writes it “Messina,” but the siege of Messina was largely a naval affair, and had nothing to do with Uncle Toby’s Flanders experiences. But what respect the enemy paid to the Hague Convention underwent rapid deterioration. Thus Captain F. A. Park, C.A.M.C., taken prisoner in June, 1916, was only released at the end of February, 1918.

This aspect of the new paradigm must not be lost sight of in all the new discussion about a culture of learning and growth. I deal with problems which have arisen in this context to some extent in this book. The changes along the way toward goals are, of course, relative and shifting, but the goals provided by this new Bahai culture involve the complex and enigmatic unity of the children of humankind. huile cbd de qualité This will be achieved by a religion that is not competing with others but one with a unique contribution to play in the future of man. The goal, the goals, change along the way in the context of this paradigm and with the movement toward each step along the way. From a Bahai perspective the key word is progress and not just change; two other key words are spiritual-ethical and universal-global.

A Christmas Carol is a story of character disorder and alienation. It is also a story of redemption through insight and willingness to expiate one’s sins, which in this case are also the symptoms of cruelties and failings. The organization of this tale offers a deep and touching parallel with psychoanalytic understanding and treatment, with emphasis on the interpersonal, on anxieties aroused by interaction, on lack of self-esteem and character distortion caused by early wounds. On the other hand, the nephew’s own express mode of measuring time resides in his reference to Christmas as “the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year”—Scrooge’s year, the year of ledgers and fiscal legalities—“when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely.

Epic after Virgil, he feels, is the peculiar property of empire, and by empire he means the centralized, expansionist Western state, the Roman Empire and its various early modern heirs. Seen from the perspective of Virgilian epic, romance is the aimless, meaningless fate of the enemies of empire. “To the victors,” so the Aeneid implies, “belongs epic, with its linear teleology; to the losers belongs romance, with its random and circular wandering. Put another way, the victors experience history as a coherent, end-directed story told by their own power; the losers experience a contingency that they are powerless to shape to their own ends” (p. 9). But the power of romance is not mocked, and the contingency it articulates, so Quint argues, eventually comes to be seen by the defeated as a means of escaping, contesting, or subverting the power of the victors.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Writing had been his escape from the poverty that dogged his childhood, a way to suppress painful memories of the blacking warehouse where he had worked as a boy while his father was in debtor’s prison. His fragmentary autobiography reveals the psychic scars he carried from that experience, particularly the “grief and humiliation” he felt in associating with his common fellow workers, Poll Green and Bob Fagin, as they worked beside him pasting labels on blacking bottles. “No words can express the secret agony of my soul,” Dickens later wrote, “as I sunk into this companionship.” The pirates recalled these companions of Dickens’s secret past. Venal, vulgar and greedy men, Lee and Hewitt held up an ugly mirror to the profession of authorship, and by bringing themselves forward as his literary collaborators they suggested to Dickens that writing was not the way to escape the blacking factory. Hood’s basic form of fantasy, the pun, as Empson has shown, demands a very special and complex mental set, bringing together things which the mind normally manages to keep clearly separate.18 For our own sanity, we do not usually think of a numbered infantry regiment as a quantity of real feet.

He provides a metaphorical, a mythological framework, for the interpretation of the time we live in and the Bahai paradigm that will be with us for perhaps some decades to come. That metaphor and its myriad of meanings is one of the core features of the lives of Bahais since those fin de siecle years when this paradigm emerged. Each Bahai must and will, each in their own way, make of this metaphorical reality their own meaning.

This group has even arrived recently–in 2010-and been publicising their efforts, their attempt at creating an impression of a divided Cause on facebook. This is a popular internet site, although efforts of this kind tend to get lost in a sea of names and posts. Bahais are given an opportunity to demonstrate why the rehabilitation of Muhammad Ali is not a realistic alternative to accepting the authority that Baha’u’llah gave to Abdu’l-Baha to lead the Bahai community.

He may even sense, especially at a season of the year when so much is made of a Birth and of rebirth, that he has somehow hastened for himself the death which he dreads. In short, he has, in his desperate efforts to preserve himself made himself more vulnerable. What Dickens offers as a solution to the social condition is a change of heart. The Christmas spirit that harbors these children is their only refuge; only if it dwells within other men can the Doom be removed from their young brows.

Your questions are excellent and as I read the internal memos of Andersen auditors either they did not dare to ask the question or were mired down in GAAP detail. As I recall, SPEs first started with securitizing receivables where an SPE simply buys the receivables and sells to outside investors in bundles then transfers the collections to the transferor. In Enron’s case there is no cash coming in from outside plus Fastow and company do not have capital to underwrite the risk.

So they attacked his house, took him prisoner, seized all his property and bade the Emir kill him. Though [p.572] declining their request, the Emir nevertheless banished him from the country in order to preserve their goodwill. For forty days Ibn Sīnā hid in the house of the Shaikh Abū Sa’d ibn Dukhdūk.

AoSHQ may trigger convulsions and projectile vomiting in some new readers. Knives are to be sheathed at all times unless written waiver is received by our attorneys. Ace and cobloggers specifically disavow all responsibility for content. The calm green on the left drops off suddenly, revealing the purple and white of the background. Bierstadt’s focus is the volcano and he composes the foreground in a way where it pulls back like a curtain to reveal the mountain.

V&E interviewed eight Enron officers, six of whom were at the Executive Vice President level or higher, and two Andersen partners. V&E also had informal discussions with lawyers in the firm who had worked on some of the LJM transactions, as well as in-house counsel at Enron. Derrick contacted V&E to determine whether it could, under the legal ethics rules, handle the investigation. He says that V&E considered the issue, and told him that it could take on the matter.

I see this book as one that has grown-out of experienced conviction over many decades. Still, I do not expect this book to receive a popular reception; it is far too long to ever be popular and the reading public is now drowning in images and print, a glut of stuff that overwhelms Everyman. There is much else in cyberspace for readers to get their teeth into and give them pleasure.

Byj George Adami, Md, Frs,

Oh, what a jolly thing it is for a man to have written books like these and just filled people’s hearts with pity.” Robert Louis Stevenson to an unidentified correspondent, quoted in the Dickensian, 16 , 200. But to analyze the story in these terms is to accept the very principles of rational materialism which it is the purpose What is the difference between vegan and sugar-free CBD gummies? of the story to undermine. For Scrooge is not in fact an old man; it is only a satirical rogue who would say so. With the exception of the events in the brief prologue and epilogue, the whole of his life is actually lived in the course of one night; if he is of any age at all, he is barely half-a-dozen hours old.

Approximately thirty per cent of the globe now has this cyberspace access and the implications this has for the spread of the new Bahai culture is staggering. Even though some 8000 clusters have no Bahais and only a small percentage are capable of sustaining significant growth as I write this paragraph at the beginning of 2012, the internet is providing millions of people with easy access to information Delta 8 THC in Alaska: Is It Legal & Where to Buy in 2022? about the Cause, if they are interested. Still, the implications of the Bahai Revelation increase when study and service are joined and carried out concurrently, when efforts are made to translate the Bahai teachings into reality. The new Bahai paradigm involves an ethos and a worldview which comes to be understood in greater measure as that same study and service continue with the years.

Al-Malik al-Adil Abū Bakr ibn Ayyub tried hard to engage him for his own personal service, but he failed, as did other kings. Later, al-Nātilī left me and went to Kurkānj, and I applied myself to the study of natural history and metaphysics, reading both original texts and commentaries. I then felt an inclination for medicine and set myself to perusing books on this subject. Medicine is not one of the difficult sciences; no wonder, therefore that I had soon made such progress in it that distinguished physicians came to study under me.

It was, for example, five days before the Tunisian, with the 3rd Field Ambulance on board, landed its troops, and a week before the 2nd Stationary Hospital found itself entraining at Plymouth for Lavington and Salisbury Plain. On August 17th, the day of the publication of the mobilization order, troops were already beginning to pour in. On that day there arrived 10 officers, 230 O.R., with 23 horses, of the 5th Field Ambulance from Montreal, followed rapidly between this and the 22nd by detachments from Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Field Ambulances.

Lie About Minimize Inflation Calculations Enough, And Spending Will Always Be Up!

So much of my internet work is about apologetics, but I have no time for polemicism. I like to see all the commentators as people around the after-dinner table having more tea or coffee or an extra helping of dessert. This is a New Apologetics and it must be the apologetics of love and cooperation, not enmity and confrontation. I love to make connections with people who have different ideas to me – as long as they are really interested in searching for the truth and living by it that is. I would rather spend time in conversation with a Buddhist, or an Atheist, or a Muslim or a Feminist who actually seriously is seeking the essential things of life, than with someone who has no interest at all in reflecting upon their life and its meaning and what it means to live and to die well. In my internet work and in my leisure, I have become les interested in winning arguments and more interested in responding to human beings.

No. 1 General Hospital had as its basis the volunteers, officers and men from No. 5 Field Ambulance, Montreal, brought to camp by Major R. P. Campbell, who was given temporary charge of the unit until Lieutenant-Colonel Murray MacLaren 34 was appointed O.C. The majority of the officers and men of No. 2 General Hospital, drawn from this general list were from Toronto and other parts of Ontario. No. 2 Stationary Hospital was brought together from the General List, and Major McKelvey Bell37 was placed in temporary command, delivering up the position later to Lieutenant-Colonel Shillington. And now was published the “Manual of Establishment and Equipment of the Army Medical Corps, Canada,” for peace and for war.

War Story Of The Canadian Army Medical Corps:

Later, over lunch at what looked to be Topeka’s lone diner, he explained that Angie planned to quit her job over the unpaid bonus. After a full morning telling me about the nightmare of being out of work, he looked stunned. “You’d think she’d have learned from my situation. I don’t think she realizes how her life is going to change.”

The resultant interplay of united group action and individual initiative is an enrichment of Bahá’í community life. I have watched this & participated in this interplay in the last twenty years of this new paradigm. It is especially noticeable in the field of social and economic development. They are also perfect vehicles for collaboration with non-Bahá’í individuals and agencies who have similar humanitarian aims.

Originally published in 1929; emphasizes the “dramatic importance” of The Christmas Carol in English history. Many specialized studies are available on the subject of Dickens’s politics and radicalism. A superb summary and analysis of these complex issues will be found in Ackroyd. Also, George Orwell’s stimulating discussion of this subject, in “Charles Dickens” cited above, should not be missed. Since Finney’s 1970 Scrooge, there have been no theatrically released Carols, at least no “straight” versions (Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Bill Murray’s Scrooged are addressed elsewhere). It would appear, given the marketing priorities of today’s film industry, that any future adaptations will likely come through television.

The poet’s intrusion into the benedicite, for example, with both vow and prayer, recalls the combination in the closure of Psalm 19. The literary work of the matins prayer of Adam and Eve, however, is to modulate from Eve’s dream to the Father’s charge to Raphael to warn the pair; as lyric, it foregrounds narrative. Of course Milton relates the action praised to the special occasion for each of his hymns. The morning hymn, when the earth seems renewed to awakening man, for example, naturally suggests creation. But morning and evening hymns are liturgical as well as occasional; thus as Adam and Eve’s matins song derives from the morning liturgy, it uses topoi from Psalm 19, itself a hymn combining praise of Creation with wisdom thoughts about the law. The angels, singing on each day of Creation, hymns Milton does not record, mark the end of their hexameral task by imitating creation hymns.

They are moved in their own way to help people and to protect them. How that comes about, when it comes about, and at what cost remains the question. For me, the memories of the 1980 explosion add to my feelings about this work.

When I counter with falling asset prices and zero percent interest rates on savings accounts I am likely to get as statement like “Who cares, I rent?”, or perhaps “The poor have no assets or savings, all they care about is food prices.” Even if investors eventually respond to slumping prices, they would still have to be wary of contracts and vigilant about how legal disputes in Dubai are resolved, said Ludmila Yamalova, a managing partner at the law firm HPL Plewka & Coll, who handles lawsuits for individual and commercial property investors. Although about 70 percent of empty lots from three years ago have been filled, real estate construction since then has far exceeded the purchases, more than doubling the amount of vacant space available, said Timothy Trask, the director of corporate ratings at Standard & Poor’s in Dubai. Dubai is not the first place where soaring ambitions outpaced reality.

He is also known to have liked and respected Dickens’s work; as such, in this film he kept his legendary ad-libbing and outrageous humor in check. Chaplin’s parents separated when he was very young and, after his father’s death and his mother’s severe breakdown, he and half-brother Sydney knew poverty and hunger on the streets of London as well as in an orphanage. These experiences account for the frequently bittersweet tone of his films.

The Cleveland Fed’s estimate of inflation expectations is based on a model that combines information from a number of sources to address the shortcomings of other, commonly used measures, such as the “break-even” rate derived from Treasury inflation protected securities or survey-based estimates. The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland reports that its latest estimate of 10-year expected inflation is 1.54 percent. In other words, the public currently expects the inflation rate to be less than 2 percent on average over the next decade. General prices (especially 2% CPI inflation expectations) are meaningless compared to housing prices, credit conditions, and defaults. Yet, every day, someone writes to me complaining about the price of milk going up 30 cents or whatever telling me that is “inflation” or that is what is most important. Contracting credit , burst the housing bubble, burst the commercial real estate bubble, burst the stock market bubble, resulting in millions of foreclosures and bankruptcies, millions of broken homes, millions on food stamps, 26.2 million unemployed or partially employed, and countless additional millions who are underemployed.

The Son’s victory in the Battle in Heaven as bearer of God’s omnipotence transforms the Homeric epic of wrath and strife into a “brief epic” of divine power exercising divine vengeance. And God’s creation of the world through the Son’s agency transforms the classical or hexaemeral Creation poem into a second “brief epic” celebrating the power of God as exuberant vitality and creativity. The ensuing lines, with their metatextual modesty and their glance at the Muse, are professedly among Milton’s most artful, formally alluding to the topos of the locus amoenus in which art and nature are either at war in illusory groves or at peace in real ones; and it is full of ambiguous imagery that invites best or meanest use. I think Hirsch realized that many others have made lots of money as peak oil authors and that he wants to ride the doomer gravy train. Though he should have probably contributed something to the discussion rather than just rehashing the same arguments in the form of a $30 book. Anon10said…Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of “The Black Swan,” said investors who lost money in the financial crisis should sue the Swedish Central Bank for awarding the Nobel Prize to economists whose theories he said brought down the global economy.

However, the good-delivery standard is only one of the six characteristics that must exist. Another is that the transferor must be able to repurchase or redeem the transferred assets on substantially the agreed terms, even in default by the transferee. For example, the provisions of Statement 133 or EITF Issue No. 84-20, ? May apply to what are considered Type 4 securities by that Issue. Any type of Type 4 contracts that are not subject to Statement 133? S provisions must be marked to market as required by Issue 84-20.

“While the fight won’t be any easier than in the past, advocates and workers are already mobilizing and will be sure to make their demands heard.” Countries that rely on exports to help lift their economies must change policies or “global growth will slow and all of us will be worse off,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said today in advance of this week’s meeting in Washington of the IMF, World Bank and Group of 20 nations.

Germany, which had been traumatized by two episodes of runaway inflation, was adamantly opposed to any bailout. Since Germany was heading for elections, it was unwilling to act, and nothing could be done without Germany. When the authorities finally got their act together they had to offer a much larger rescue package than would have been necessary if they had acted earlier.

The sixties Scrooge, a Freudian figure tormented by his past, subconsciously conjures up Marley as a way of calling for help. In therapy with the Christmas spirits, he learns to enjoy life in the here and now. After he has turned on to Christmas and tuned into joys he has denied himself, he joins the flower children in the streets to celebrate being human.

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I persevered in this way until I had mastered all the sciences and knew as much of them as is within the power of man to know. Everything I learnt at that time is as fresh in my memory as if I had learnt it now, and I have added nothing. Billions of people worldwide use some form of social media, and each person’s actions on social media provide data that may be studied. In this course, we will explore applications of data science on social media data. This field of study leverages massive datasets, powerful computers, and smart algorithms of the modern day to draw amazing insights from social media data.

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There, sheltered by the hill and beneath fine upstanding trees, was a long, low log hut of three rooms. Curiously enough, it had been built, not by Canadians, but by a British north-country unit. From a medical point of view there is little need to record in detail the succeeding ten days of the struggle at Festubert, and beyond the fact that the Orchard was retained in our possession, and that the Bexhill position, after intense resistance, was taken on the 24th, there was little of importance to note from a military point of view. Casualties there continued to be, but as compared with Ypres, on a moderate scale.

Before Baha’i study circles hit the scene, one could argue that many Baha’i communities had developed what could perhaps be classified as a ‘culture of dependency’ on certain individuals in the community. These individuals were often seen as more knowledgable on issues relating to the Faith and its history, so community would turn to them for all of their Baha’i knowledge, and not turn to the Writings to learn about a topic themselves. For example, Bahá’ís would go to a deepening class based on a certain book or topic, and often the dynamic of the deepening would be a one-way interaction between the speaker and the participants.

Entire industries were formed because the SEC allowed SPEs to keep debt off the books, especially the entire industry of synthetic leasing. Harsher actions by the SEC or the FASB would destroy these entire industries. The revised standards were supposed to wreak havoc on bank balance sheets because, among other things, the rules for keeping loan-related assets off the books would be rewritten. At the time, bankers expected the rewrite would force them to consolidate big swaths of assets that were being held in VIEs and QSPEs. And consolidating the assets from the entities would have required them to increase the amount of regulatory capital they kept on hand — a charge to cash — and thereby reduce the amount of lending they could do.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

I am sometimes horrified when I see various amounts of pride and vanity residing in my bosom; sadly my will, like an indifferent landlord, often lacks the necessary indignation that might inspire me to evict such unhealthy tenants. Still, I now enjoy a tranquillity and serenity of mind not equalled in any previous year of my life. It is this ease and quietness which allows me to pursue this literary work with a focus I have never been able to achieve except in employment, community work and family life. Much of this tranquillity is due to a package of medications which took me many years to fully accept and to entertain with a full compliance, but it is tranquillity nevertheless.

With these particular industries, loan underwriters and/or credit rating agencies require borrowing entities to be SPEs. Lenders and agencies often demand that the SPE appoint at least one independent controlling person who is not affiliated with the sponsor company. The SPE’s organizational documents provide for a unanimous or significant majority vote or consent of the SPE members to approve any bankruptcy filing or any disposition of assets.

To sponge away the writing on our memory-repressed souls requires that our callousness be challenged by recollection in league with imagination. The way the Ghost guides Scrooge through his past seems to parallel creative journalling methods that invite reflection on our personal “roads not taken.” The Carol implies that Scrooge’s present insensitivity is the result of stifling the memory of his own early suffering and his experience of simple human joys. The myth calls us to reflect upon and identify with Scrooge and his revelatory trek with the Spirits.

The Cleveland Fed model can produce estimates for many time horizons, and it isolates not only inflation expectations, but several other interesting variables, such as the real interest rate and the inflation risk premium. When profits are weak and business uncertainty high, stock prices do not act well . When business earnings are under pressure or when business owners face uncertainty over consumer spending trends, businesses cut back on benefits, especially health care. Those with health cares benefits are asked to chip in more of the costs.

Lenders providing money to commercial real estate development and construction resell their loans into bonds via securitizations. The special servicer is needed to cost-effectively resell the loans into bonds because investors buying the bonds want an entity that will actively deal with troubled loans pooled into bonds. Enron says a special board committee is investgating why management and the board did not learn about this arrangement until October.

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