• July 4, 2022

The Saga of the Reborn Baby Dolls

Very recently, police officials smashed a car window when they saw a little baby with her eyes closed lying lifeless in the car seat. Little did they know that the baby was not a real infant but a baby doll that looks real. It so happened that the owners had left the car in the parking lot in order to run some errands.

Quite similarly, very few must have predicted that the Art of making Reborn Dolls, that started with a single doll in 1944, would have reached this far ラブドール . The founder of this Art form, Jose Berenguer, was extremely passionate and dedicated to achieving excellence and was committed to changing the way the world looked at baby dolls.

These dolls were first introduced in the local market in Spain. People had never seen such realistic looking dolls in their life, so the combination of shock and amazement led to a lot of Reborn Doll sales. The vinyl Reborn dolls were like a breath of fresh air in a market populated with regular looking porcelain dolls.

Over the years, Jose Berenguer not only became more adept in the art of Reborn Doll making but also improved his business acumen and foresight. At that point, the main users of these dolls were young girls. In order to target another market segment, namely adults, he started making special dolls with intricately designed limbs and facial features and meticulously planted hair. As expected, news of these doting dolls spread throughout the country and the demand exceeded the supply. The most interesting part was that the number of Reborn Doll fans increased drastically with younger mothers, parents and doll collectors being added to the list.

Over the years, the increase in demand and competition has resulted in the advancement in the equipment used and techniques employed. The artist’s oil that was once used is now replaced by the more advanced Heat set genesis paint. In addition, hand rooting was a method employed in the early days for the doll hair; however the main drawback was that this method left a larger rooting hole or “follicle” reducing the realism of the doll. These days, however, micro rooting and ultra micro rooting have ensured that you will not be able to spot the difference between a real infant and a reborn doll from a distance!

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