• May 16, 2022

The History Of Coupons

The first known coupons was for a free glass of soda, the person in possession of it received a free glass. They called it a ticket and not a coupon even though it was getting something for less than the standard price.

Moving forward from 1888 to now not a lot has changed in regards to coupons. We still have them and they are still being used. Only now we moved from paper ones to digital ones, to printable ones. Over 90% of consumers are now using coupons and 60% of those who use them still use paper ones.

It was only just 2 years ago that digital coupons hit the market hard. With this concept it was easy for people to use their phones and receive discounts at the register. In fact, the store I shop at for groceries offers digital coupons. I sign in to a webpage and select any coupons I choose seat geek coupons. They have expiration dates just like the paper version but I don’t need to carry them around with me. When I check out, I give the cashier my phone number, and the webpage connects to the cashier checking me out where I receive my savings.

All of this technology makes it simple for us to get savings and no excuse for us not to. If you live in a state that does not allow double coupons, you can still maximize your savings. I do this by using digital coupons, paper coupons, printable coupons, and using reward programs as well.

The printable coupons earn me the face value of the coupon at the register and 10 points for each one I redeem. I simply log into my account, select the coupons I want to print, print them out, and bring them with me to the store.

Reward programs usually have a coupon section as well. Here you activate the coupons you think you will use, with nothing to print. These online coupons are attached to a grocery card. At checkout, when the card is scanned, the reward program gets notified of the purchase, and money is added to an online reward account. These types of coupons can be used in conjunction with printable coupons since it is not considered double couponing.

Saving money is something everybody wants to do as there never seems to be enough of it. Many people are left struggling paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet while still buying the things they need. So using every little trick you can to save money is important. One such trick is Double Coupon Savings. Using coupons to cut your grocery bill in half can make a world of difference when it comes to your finances.

Using coupons takes virtually no effort compared to the amount of money you will safe. As I said, if you use your coupons intelligently you can cut your grocery bill in half, that is a lot of money since most families spend hundreds a month on groceries.

Now, you may feel like you are above using coupons, there seems to be a sort of stigma about using them. Like you will be branded as poor or something. Well truth be told, your financial situation has nothing to do with using coupons. Even rich people use coupons since it is simply smart to save money where you can. If you want to use coupons, there are a few tips you can use to maximize your gains.

1. Shop around for your coupons. There are a lot of stores that sell a lot of things, and you do not necessarily have to get your coupons all from one store. Some stores may offer coupons for different things, or offer Double Coupon Savings deals, or simply offer better coupons. Getting the best deal possible is the key here, so getting coupons that can save you the most money is important.

2. Be strategic in your coupon use. When you get coupons, you may feel inclined to go out and buy your groceries using them. This is a mistake. A tactic employed by a lot of stores is that they will actually end up raising the price of their items. This way they still make the same profit even with your coupon.

No, instead of doing that, hold onto your coupons and try to wait for the store to have the item you want on sale. If you can combine your coupons with items that are on sale you can save a ton of money. Something else you can do if your items are on sale is try to buy in bulk and stock up enough to hold out until the next sale rolls around.

3. Keep your coupons in mind. When you go shopping, you will probably end up forgetting your coupons simply because you are not use to taking them with you. You may even end up losing them before you even go shopping, meaning any sort of deals like Double Coupon Savings are lost to you. Since this would be a waste, try to put your coupons somewhere safe, but also somewhere that you will remember and be able to take them with you when you go shopping.

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