• May 16, 2022

Project Managers – Are You Micromanaging Your Way to Project Failure?

Micromanagement can be defined as managing with excessive control. Micromanaging is still commonly used by project managers who think that if they define and monitor project tasks down to the molecular level, there is a much better chance of getting things done and achieving the objectives of the project PMP certification .

If you are a project manager, and you are micromanaging, you are negligent of not doing your real job. Why do I say this? Think about it. Firstly, if you are investing all of your time in checking up on your team, where will you find the time to do the other things that ultimately decide if your project is a success for a failure? How should you spend your time then?

First and foremost, you must invest significant time in creating, nurturing and developing and observing your team. The things that really make the difference, and make success more likely, are those wonderful human behaviours that can’t be brought about by close or harsh management. Things like motivation, morale, commitment, innovation, creativity, integrity, trust and open and honest communications are the keys to the project management kingdom.

And what is the impact of micromanagement on these illusive qualities? It kills them stone dead. Everybody hates being micromanaged. It is disrespectful and kills trust. And wouldn’t you know it, trust and respect are the very things that enable all of the other desirable behaviours that you need in your project.

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