• May 16, 2022

Review Legend of The White Snake Lady Slot: A Special Game in 2021

Legend of the White Snake Lady slot is a special gambling online machine from game maker Yggdrasil. Hm, we know, you are obviously curious about this game after reading the name of its game. 

The story of the final Legend of the Wild Snake Lady is set in China and is based on a well-known Chinese legend: a snake wants to experience human love and turns into a very seductive girl.

However, what happens to the men who come after her?

The game developer turned this mysterious legend into an atmospheric, but above all extremely exciting slot machine. 

The payout percentage is 96.1%, similar to Starburst. What makes it unique: you often win a prize of 100 times your bet on this slot.

Review Legend of The White Snake Lady Slot

The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot has five reels. There are no paylines: all prizes count criss-cross over the reels (‘all ways’). In addition, winning combinations count not only from left to right, but also from right to left.

1. How Does The Legend of The White Snake Lady Work?

There are eight Chinese symbols, including the snake girl, an ancient wise man and a temple. On the middle roll there is also a Wild symbol. This one counts as a joker.

What is special about its slot is that five equal symbols immediately yield 100 times your bet. Because the symbols can be placed anywhere on the reels, this also happens regularly.

It gets even better when you play five snake girls, without Wild on the third reel. Then you win 1000 times your bet.

In addition, if you spin a joker, you get a free re-spin where the joker stays in place. This way, the chance is even greater that you turn five equal symbols.

2. The 1000 Spins on The Game

We always play 1000 spins with the real money of the minimum bet of $0.25 per spin.

The maximum bet is $125 per spin. If you play 5 equal symbols, you immediately win $12,500. After a few spins, something pleasant stands out. This slot never gives you less price than the value of your bet. If you play with a quarter per spin, you always win at least a quarter. 

We like to play that. Many other slots make cheerful noise while you win a tiny prize – but actually lose it.

Therefore, Legend of the White Snake Lady gives less often than many other slots. However, that is more than made up for by the grand prize of 100 times the bet. After 178 spins it is the first time it has hit: 5 temples, so $25 profit. Cash register!.

A sloppy 50 spins later… 5 wizards. Weather $25. Cash register again! In total, we get five times such a five of a kind. In total, good for $125.

Meanwhile, the Wilds are also falling at a nice pace. We ran a total of 79. That’s 79 free re-spins that together yield $139. At the end of the session, we had a very exciting time and also a big profit: exactly $27. Top!.

In conclusion, Legend of the White Snake Lady slot is a nice ending to play on: atmospheric Chinese theme, good soundtrack. However, most importantly, there’s no slot on which you have as much chance of winning 100 times your bet as its slot. That makes this slot machine special.

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