• May 16, 2022

Social Networking – A New Way to Market Your Blog Or Site

I’m sure you already heard about these sites where millions of internet users come online and share with friends or other unknown people their experiences, their thoughts, their pictures, their lives. Some of these sites are focused on people with similar interests or have a general purpose to gather a massive number of people. Some are just general sites with no specific purpose other than just what the people in those networks want it to be.

A few years ago, it was almost unthinkable that such thing as social networking could exist ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . But now it is a reality and if you haven’t join any of this sites, then you are missing a whole new experience.

I am kind of new myself to this whole new world that I find fantastic. If you have join to sites like Facebook ASSOCIATE HOME DEPOT HEALTH CHECK , you will know that this site is like almost reading a newspaper with many stories and latest updates about your friends and your friend’s friends!

Now it is very common for people to use sites like Facebook, Hi5 or MySpace to market their business opportunity or product. It is very easy to understand why. With such a gigantic and massive traffic received by these sites you will think you can somehow redirect a small portion of this traffic to your site and sell them your product.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s very important to understand that the people in these sites are not looking for products to buy or are not interested in getting a money making opportunity, they are just interested in making friends or just finding out the latest news regarding their virtual community. So if you join these communities just for business, you may get traffic and a lot of it, but sooner or later it would just fade away, because is traffic not interested in what you are offering.

Before you give up and move on to the next way to promote your site or blog. You have to understand the incredible marketing potential social networking sites have.

If you decide to go this route your marketing approach shouldn’t be aggressive and not so focus in getting people to buy your products. Your main goals should be to build one-way back links from a high page rank authority website, and brand yourself so that prospects can find you.

In order to have success with your internet business, it is very important that you have presence on the web and that is something that takes a lot of work to do. This is where building a good profile that people will respect is very important in every online community. As you meet people and chat with them or post interesting articles that people would like, you will start getting loyal customers or visitors to your blog that would be keener in buying or getting your products.

This is actually not the main focus thought. The reason you should use social networking as a marketing tool is because for some reason search engines love these kind of sites so search engines like Google or Yahoo! are more receptive to catch links coming from social networking websites so you will get your site faster by using this method into these search engines.

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